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1. What is Site-Monitoring.NET?

Site-Monitoring.NET is a website monitoring service that helps website owners or webmasters ensure their websites are up and running. This service is trying to reach the website at regular intervals and alerts you if there is problem (unavailability or slowdown)


2. When does Site-Monitoring.NET report a website as Unavailable?

The Site-Monitoring.NET servers send out HTTP or HTTPS requests to your website. At time when no response is received Site-Monitoring.NET service reports unavailability. Also when response time is greater than 30 and when HTTP response is 4XX or 5XX Site-Monitoring.NET service reports unavailability. If authentication is used and there is incorrect username/password Site-Monitoring.NET service reports unavailability.


3. How can I stop the monitoring service for my website at time we are performing website maintenance?

You can stop the monitoring service at any time and start again when necessary. After you are logged in backend you will be navigatet to monitors page where all added monitors are listed. From there you can activate or suspend monitor. Suspended monitors are not checked by monitoring service until they are not activated again.


4. Is it possible to monitor multiple web pages or websites?

Yes. There is possibility to add more monitors for one account. For each monitor you can set specific name and hostname and other settings that are needed for monitoring the website. For each settings there is a quick info for user to be know how to properly set up monitor.


5. Can I open multiple accounts using same email?

No. There is no possibility to open more than one Site-Monitoring.NET account with same email, but there is option to add multiple monitors by using single Site-Monitoring.NET account.


6. How can I buy SMS credits and how much they cost?

When you open your profile, you will see the current SMS credits that you have and "Buy SMS Credits" link right next to it. By clicking on that link you will access page from where you can choose and purchase SMS credits. You can buy 15 credits for $5, 40 credits for $10 and 100 credits for $20. Currently as a payment method is supported PayPal.


7. Where is Site-Monitoring.NET server located?

Currently Site-Monitoring.NET server is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States. In future, as we growing, more servers will be availible and there will be options to choose server location from where you will want you website to be monitored.


8. Why is Site-Monitoring.NET FREE, how is this site funded?

Site-Monitoring.NET service is FREE and is funded only by Google Adsense Ads, donations by satisfied users, and small difference in SMS credits costs.


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