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What is Site-Monitoring.NET?

Site-Monitoring.NET is a website monitoring service that helps website owners or webmasters ensure their websites are up and running. This service is trying to reach the website at regular intervals of 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes, and alerts you if there is problem (unavailability or slowdown)


Monitors page - Add, edit, activate/suspend, delete monitors

On the image below you can see your monitor list. On Add New Monitor button, you can add new monitor settings. For every monitor settings there is short explanation for you to know what that setting should do.
In front every monitor name there is quick current status notification:
- web page is down
- web page status is OK
- web page status is not checked

On this page you can also edit monitor info or activate/suspend monitors, simple with one click.

Monitors list


Reports page - daily, monthly, graphic report

Reports that contain information’s for all monitors together are generated daily, weekly and monthly by request of user, settings that can be set in users profile page.
On this page, you can generate reports for each monitor separately. When you click on monitor name, monthly table and graphic report will be displayed. From there you can choose if you want to show report for every day separately.


Monthly Report

You can generate monthly report for each month. In this report you can track monitor uptime and downtime in percents, for each day in that month. Also there is export to CSV functionality available.

Monthly Report


Daily Report

You can generate report for each day that you want. On every report you have last status check on top of the report. You can export and download each report in CSV format.

Daily Report


Graph Report

Graph will be generated with average response time in milliseconds for each monthly and daily report.