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What is Site-Monitoring.NET?

Site-Monitoring.NET is absolutely FREE service that will notify you via email when your website is experiencing technical difficulties, not responding or is offline. Your website will be monitored on regular intervals (every 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year to make sure it’s up and running.

With Site-Monitoring.NET, for FREE, you get quality website monitoring service, FREE reports and history up to 2 years, email notifications in real-time if something goes wrong with your website.

Site-Monitoring.NET Features

Fast & easy, setup your first monitor in less than a minute

Setting up website monitor has never been easier. Two easy steps are all you need to start monitoring your website. For more details about registration process, please refer to Walk Thru section.

10 min check interval

Check interval is time how often your site will be checked for problems. Site-Monitoring.NET offers several check intervals, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min and 1 hour. If problem is found, service can be setup to recheck your website status couple of times in interval as less as one minute before sending downtime notification.

No software installation needed

Site-Monitoring.NET is absolutely free web based software. There is no need of any installations. You need only to register and add monitors. You can check your monitor’s status, change profile or analyze reports from everywhere where internet connection is available.

Statistics and reports

Site-Monitoring.NET offers detailed online and e-mail reports. Email reports are generated by the system on daily, weekly or monthly bases and send to user email. Online reports offers in deep statistics for each website detailed to service request. All request data can be downloaded via comma separated (csv) files.

Monitor history

Site-Monitoring.NET will keep 2 years detailed history for every website. If monitor or profile is deleted, all data connected to that monitor or profile will be physically deleted from Site-Monitoring.NET storage.

Uptime monitor widget

Site-Monitoring.NET offers uptime widget option that can be embedded to your website. Widget can by graphically customized for best fit into website content. Optionally widget can lead to public statistic page that contains only basic monitor information’s and statistics.

Multiple contact alerts

For every monitor you can set email alert message when your website is down and up again. You can add multiple emails for alerting and choose if want to be alerted only when your website is down or also when will be up again.

Time zone adjustments

Site-Monitoring.NET service respect your time zone, entered in profile settings page. All reports, messages and notifications will be adjusted to match you time. With this we are escaping the confusions that often come about when the downtime really occurred.

Webpage content checking

Web Page Content Monitoring checks that your page has the proper content. If a keyword is present on the web page monitoring service automatically send email notification that will bring your attention about happening on your website.
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